Being a light

It’s 1am on a Friday. We followed the typical nightly routine. Play with the babies, feed solids, diaper changes, bottles warmed and fed, 2 babies down. Then I do some self care – shower, dinner at 9pm, and pumping. I used to knock out at this point. Lately I’ve been up (sometimes until a baby wakes to eat at 3/4 or 5am). Typical diversions include scrolling facebook or instagram. Browsing the MLS for a new dream house. Cleaning through my “piles”. Or just lying in bed praying.

This is where social media is useful and has purpose…divine purpose. I was following this girl Emily Ley because a beautiful souled woman from camp, Anna (whom also has Girl/Boy twins) was talking about her simplified planner. Next, my best friend M tags me in a post by Lindsay Letters. So I follow along. I hop along. Browsing these talents images. They are followers of Jesus and it shows. They are unashamed, lovely, creative, talented and successful. Yes – SUCCESSFUL. Then I see and learn more about The Influence Network. I want that. Is that even a sentence? Sincerely, my heart is so yearning for that experience right now. In this beautifully messy lonely first year of Motherhood. Deep down fear sinks in. I am already running excuses through my mind….”the babies will still be breastfeeding”, “I’d have to lug the pump along”, “I’ve never been away from them overnight”, “what if they stop nursing?”, “is this selfish?”, “I’m unemployed, I can’t afford this”, and “I don’t want to go alone”.

If I’m going to grow this blog the reality is that I need this regardless of my lack of skills or it’s fit, timing or tangibility. Community and authenticity are the only way to live… the core of who I am and if not now then when. Pray that I can convince my best friend M to come, my husband CAL to watch the babies and fund this experience and for me to not back down.

Sidenote: Instagram is a lovely visual snippet of life, you can follow me @LoveLeeJamieLee

XO Jamie

Life keeps getting sweeter for the Lee Family

boy/girl twin gender reveal ice cream

Life keeps getting sweeter for the Lee Family

Don’t Do It: Bedrest

Don’t stand, don’t walk, don’t work, don’t… don’t…don’t.

CAL is the ‘DO-er’ as refer to him, not me. He and his family have this natural urge to never sit still and must always have a project in progress or a party to host with guests to entertain to keep them company but also very busy. They love the buzz of being surrounded by others and a quiet house might make them crazy. My family and I  on the other hand savor freedom from commitments, love to have time in solitude with a book or blog, and actually enjoy being alone or in utter silence.

So all that to say thank goodness it is me not him. This morning we saw my high-risk OB for a follow-up visit. Last week, (on CAL’s 29th birthday!) we went in for them to check on some soft marker concerns – which had wonderfully (praise God) disappeared. We were utterly relived that neither of our babies have Down Syndrome. In addition to the Choroid Plexus Cyst that was spotted  my maternal side makes me high risk for chromosomal defects such as Downs. I had a sweet Uncle named Michael (my mom’s brother) who had Down Syndrome. With this knowledge I was prepared for the possibility but also I believe I have a softened heart because of my experiences with him growing up. So as relieved as we were to be able to move beyond that hurdle and those concerns they did unfortunately find another issue. Isn’t that just like Doctors? Give you fears and anxieties and then ease them only to pile it back on with fresh ones. Had this been years ago we never would have known any of these potential pitfalls but that is the curse that comes with the blessing that is technology.

Today I was shocked that I was placed on bedrest at 21 Weeks + 5 Days. How do I feel about it? First there were the tears. It is overwhelming to think about the health of our babies and what this all means. Second was stress and pannick. What about work? What about my schedules, plans and routines? What about being bored? What about finances? On all these fronts I feel powerless. They are all valid conciderations but obviously the paramount of importance is to preserve our babies health and maintain them in utero by whatever means necessary for as long as possible. In these moments I am grateful for my faith because I am not sure how people with out it would get through such a powerless and frightening time. I intend to take it day by day.

Love It: 3 days and 3 months until our 3rd Anniversary on July 3rd

What is it they say about 3’s? Only 3 days and 3 Months until our 3rd Anniversary on July 3rd.

Believe It: Change is going to come

Looking at my blog you would think it is rather sad and I would have to agree. I wish I was a more commited writer but I alway fall into the category of believing that waht I have to say is common or just plain mundane.

And honestly, when you get home from work after staring at a computer all day blogging is ones of the last things I am inclined to do. Today is a new day and I am writing this with purpose, hope and intention to “be a better blogger”…whatever that means for me. Stay tuned.

Wardrobe Wednesday

Since I am back to working downtown I will be making an effort to share my personal working woman style in this segment aptly titled “Wardrobe Wednesday’s”. Head to toe, enjoy!

(Details and link ups to follow)
Tacori Custom Platinum Solitaire Engagement Ring (Style # HT251012X) – Priceless:)
Michael Kors Bradshaw Midsized Watch Golden – $250
Michael Kors Toggle Link Bracelet in Tortoise & Gold – $95
Mossimo Mustard Open Cardigan –
J. Crew Chambray Denim Shirtdress in Indigo – $89.50
J. Crew black leather/brass buckle skinny belt – $45
Lauren Conrad Leggings – $20
Frye Caroline Campus Dark Brown Boots – $398


Make It: Pottery Barn Style Kitchen Set Refinish

Check out this find!
Yesterday I was shopping for shower gifts and came across a wonderful resale shop, WINGS. The mission of Wings is to uplift women and children who were victims of domestic violence.

So if that wasn’t incentive enough I find this great oval table with newel post style legs and with four poorly covered ladder back chairs – for $90! Amazing I could even buy one PB chair for that cheap.

Check back in to see me and CAL’s progress on the strip and stain process.

And if you have any green, chemical and mostly sanding free stripping methods please do share!

Xoxo Jamie Lee


Make It: Seat Cushion

This is my most recent craft. I made this cushion as a Christmas gift for my father-in-law. This was my first time sewing a cover to go around 5″ thick high-density foam.

Most of the cushion was actually very simple and done on my machine how ever the closure in the back had to be done by hand. My favorite part of this project was sewing with the piping trim that went around the edge. This was my first time working with that trim material and I feel like it turned out really great!

Check out the pictures and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions/advice for working with high density foam or the trim.

Xoxo Jamie Lee



Hallowen Haul – Part I

I am just your average girl but with any holiday there is always a reason to shop and try some new beauty products.  This Halloween CAL and I were “Greeks”, a nice little change since usually I would say we are Geeks! For the first time I had a reason to be into the color gold, which I generally shy away from since I am so fair skinned.

First, I purchased  Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Glitz Blitz. It was extremely easy to apply. CAL actually helped me in the car before walking into a bar on Saturday night. Peel, stretch, stick and file. We only had one causality in the stretch and stick process but it was an easy enough fix to rip the sticker off before it full adhered and find another similar sized sticker.  The thing my friends commented about it was that although it’s a glitter polish it is so smooth to the touch. It is relatively easy to take off for a glitter polish that is intended to last 10 days. Mine started looking like this after 5 days.I hit up the Ulta with an eye out for some new nail color since this Gold is flaky. Browsin’ the Butter bin for the first time ever I saw Butter London Nail Foundation & Butter London P.D. Quick Top Coat. I couldn’t find a Butter color that would look decent with my pallor so I decided to try OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts from the Touring America Line, Fall 2011. It’s a really soft creme demure grey color – not too dark, not too light. I have to say the Nail Foundation is impressive. It matte-ifies and smooths out the nail surface so well I could see myself using it alone.

In the next post, <Halloween Haul – Part II>  I’ll be telling you about 3 new hair products I tried over the Halloween weekend – Morrocan Oil, Conair Infiinti You Curl Wand Styler and L’oreal Paris Elnett Satin hairspray.

Move It: aloveleelittlelife on wordpress!

Made the move to WordPress. I was aggravated with Blogger’s down times/outages which always seemed to coincide with when I was able to write or upload pictures. Don’t get me wrong I still love all things Google but sometimes it’s best to stick with a specialist that do one thing EXCELLENT than stay with the guy who can’t do a LOT of things well. Hope you enjoy the new home!


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